Mapping of the Current Capacity, Resources and Economic Potential on a Regional and National Level of the Biotechnology and Life Sciences Industry in Bulgaria

In order to achieve this goal, the Cluster plans to collect various data on the in-scope Target Groups (split by region), to analyse this data against an analytical framework devised specifically for this Project together with financial, marketology and industry subject matter experts, and to develop a digital Platform for Technology Transfer (PTT), which will provide us with a useful segmented view of the all the organizations in biotechnology and life sciences, as well as the ability to produce meaningful statistics about the sector.


Bioethical Hub

The Bioethical Hub is an independent organization working for the promotion and development of bioethics in Bulgaria and dealing with translational science.

The Bioethical Hub protects the rights of the patient and the interests of people and animals subject to medical and pharmaceutical research, works to improve the quality and ethics of Bulgarian healthcare, organizes public discussions on topical issues of bioethics and works for the synchronization of national legislation with the highest international ethical norms and standards.

The Bioethical Hub conducts research and offers advice and training in all areas of bioethics: medical ethics and health ethics, ethics of clinical research on humans, ethical treatment of animals and the environment.


Media Center

The Media Center has been established as a unit of the Health & Life Science Cluster Bulgaria in order to promote the freedom and access to information, to support the biotechnology community, to promote contemporary Bulgarian journalism in the field of technology and knowledge exchange, and to expand the cooperation between the state administration, the private sector, educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations, with a view to further improve the coverage of scientific topics in Bulgarian media.


Biotechnology Innovation Hub




The Biotech-Incubator provides a dynamic and stimulating innovative environment in which biotech companies can develop their ideas and technologies.

The Biotech-Incubator support entrepreneurs and early-stage start-up companies by either competing or cooperating with other companies in the search of the most interesting, valuable and viable start-ups. Along with venture capitalists, business angels, consulting companies and institutional investors, incubators provide financial and managerial support.

The Biotech-Incubator offers facilities, infrastructure, pre-seed financing, business development, project management, and intellectual property rights (IPR) services.


Technology Transfer Platform

Development of a Digital Platform for Technology Transfer (PTT) with inbuilt analytics that allow for provision of meaningful statistical data and professional analysis, which, in turn, could be the basis of expert recommendations for future politics that support generation of growth in the industry.

The Platform shall have the ability to provide customized solutions for various inquiries by potential investors thus supporting the process of technology transfer. In its core, the PTT is constructed to be a useful and sustainable tool for commercialization of the interactions between organizations from different Target Groups (see the Mapping project).