Monthly Meeting

International Life Sciences Cluster Conference

The First Edition of the International Life Science & AI Clusters conference will take place at Sofia in June 2020. The conference inspires and promotes an open exchange of information including trends and developments in the industry.

A three days conference will focus on business Ecosystems, Collaboration & Co-Creation, Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Startup Engagement. The event is expected to bring together over 500 executives from 200+ Life science & AI clusters spanning an estimated 30+ countries to engage in one-to-one partnering. Be inspired by Best Practice Slams, Speed-Workshops, Panels, and Keynotes.

International Bioethical Conference

Innovative and proficient integrated Health & Life Science ecosystem

We promote an innovative and dynamic environment for the Health & Biotech industry in Bulgaria.

Health & Life Sciences Cluster Bulgaria ecosystem comprises several stakeholders from academia, the public sector, and the private sector. The principal idea is to facilitate open collaboration and to accelerate innovation by bringing together various partners able to contribute to the needs of the health care sector. The ecosystem approach enables the combination of expertise from wireless information technologies and life science to introduce smart ICT solutions for delivering advanced, personalized, connected health service solutions.

Agricultural biotech

For centuries, farmers gradually improved their crops. Today, modern agricultural biotechnology allows us to improve them in more targeted ways, and give plant varieties desirable characteristics, such as resistance to certain pests or herbicides, enhanced robustness against diseases, drought or water tolerance, or healthier profiles that can enhance nutrition.

Healthcare biotech

Healthcare biotechnology is used to create an advanced class of drugs and therapies called biologics, such as gene and stem cell therapies, but also vaccines and diagnostic tools such as HIV test kits. Medical devices. ICT Health solutions.

Industrial Biotech

Industrial biotechnology uses enzymes and micro-organisms to make biobased products in sectors such as chemicals, food and feed, detergents, paper and pulp, textiles and bioenergy. In doing so, it uses renewable raw materials and is one of the most promising, innovative approaches towards lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Cross sector

In addition to priorities in the healthcare, industrial and agricultural biotech sectors, Health & Life Sciences Cluster works on a number of industry-wide initiatives to strengthen biotechnology in Bulgaria. These include intellectual property, SMEs and outreach projects to raise the profile of Bulgarian biotech among policymakers and the general public.